List of stables

Set out below is the Group's membership set out according to stable membership:










 Arnot Manderson Stable  


Clerk: Lorna Arnot and Liz Manderson
Deputies: Dawn Teitsma, Anne Webster, Catriona Downie and Andrew Sutherland

Colin J. MacAulay QC

Andrew F. Stewart QC

Neil R. Mackenzie

Catriona MacLeod








  Axiom Advocates 


Clerk: Christine Ferguson and Lesley Flynn
Deputies: Catriona Weir, Scott Gray and Veronica Lynn

Ruth Crawford QC

Richard S. Keen QC

Jonathan Lake QC

S. P. L. Wolffe QC

W. J. Wolffe QC

Chris Wilson









 Compass Chambers 


Clerk: Irene Mackenzie
Deputies: Michelle Williamson and Grace MacRae

Barry J. Divers

Amber Galbraith 





 Connarty Stable 


Clerk: Susan Connarty
Deputies: Fiona Minto                                              

Neil D. Murray QC 




Hastie Stable 

Clerk: Susan Hastie
Deputies: Fiona Walker and Elizabeth Brooks    

Angus Stewart QC

J. S. Bevan

David Cobb

Donald Davidson

Gavin L. MacColl

Michael G. J. Upton 









Murray Stable 

Clerk: Iain Murray        
Deputies: Elaine Wilson and Erica Turnbull               

Iain G. Mitchell QC

Scott Blair

Lorna Drummond 
























Westwater Stable 


Clerk: Sheila Westwater
Deputies: Christina Ballantyne and Gavin Herd 

Charlotte W. B. Coutts 







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